Family & Friends,

Welcome to my personal website - created in 2004 to help develop my newly acquired web design skills and to keep long-distance family and friends updated.

Obviously, there is little call for personal websites since the likes of Facebook and that ilk (which I make a point of avoiding) and I guess this site is retro in comparison! But I hang on to my websites to give my various projects a safe and professional web presence and to continue experimenting with web design.

The menu buttons on the left take you to my various web pages. 

Animal lovers may find my Pets page of interest, which includes helpful information on locating missing pets, together with funny  pet snippets to make you smile.

My Special Education page relates to my experiences fighting for inclusive education for my daughter who has Down's syndrome.

My Local History page is a research report I wrote about the making of our local Jewish community during the period 1891-1914.

Safe Emailing is a page I wrote to raise awareness of the dangers of chain emails with instructions on how to use Bcc.  

Enjoy browsing and thank you for visiting.



.                                            Site created July 2004  -   Last updated July, 2017